About Us

Welcome to 555 Boutique!  We're so happy you've found us!  We are located in Eastern Nebraska.  You'll find that we carry a wide range of clothing brands and styles for all ages!  We hope you find our clothing collection to be trendy and stylish, but also unique from other boutiques.  All of our inventory is handpicked by yours truly, so I put a lot of time and thought into pieces that I know will not only be comfy but also make you look and feel fabulous!  Our goal is to provide everyone that shops with us something they love and fits their style!

A little bit about us...I'm just a regular hot mess wife and mom with a love for clothes, shoes, accessories, and all things fashion!  I have always loved fashion and shopping, even as a little girl, so I thought, hey.. why not open my own boutique?!  So here I am.. and I absolutely LOVE IT! 

We hope you love it here and come back again and again!

Melanie, Owner - 555 Boutique